Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake a film by Dominique De Fazio
Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake                                                          a film by   Dominique De Fazio

Writer/Director's BIO


Dominique De Fazio is binational (Italian and American citizenships), bilingual, bicultural.  He believes that this has opened him to many different cultures and different ways of speaking/thinking.


Mr. De Fazio teaches, acts, writes, and directs. 


His formal education includes a Bachelor's degree in theatre (B.A.), a Master of Divinity degree (M.Div,), a Certificate degree in Screenwriting, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.  He has been exploring a Zennist/Daoist approach to the theatre arts most of his adult life.  Additionally, he has studied opera, photography, martial arts (Kenpo), Tai chi ch'uang/Qigong.



Highlights from His Résumé:

  • Actors Studio (New York) Lifetime Member and Teacher.
  • Founder of Associazione Culturale Studio De Fazio and CREA Studio Associazione Culturlae (both non-profit research centres for international professional performing artists in Rome, Italy).
  • Creator of the De Fazio System of Creative Study & Research
  • Artistic Dirctor of the Ma-katachi Theatre Company.
  • Directed Equity productions of Odets' Waiting for Lefty and Till the day I Die in New York (1983).
  • Directed Pielmier's play Agnes of God in Rome, Italy. (1994)
  • Wrote and Directed Singing Wood, a Zen theatre production in Darmstadt, Germany and Los Angeles, California (1998).
  • Wrote and Directed Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute, a Zen theatre production, in Rome, Italy (2002)

  • Wrote and Directed the film Un Arrivo - nominated for Golden Palm at Cannes (1983).
  • Wrote and Directed the film, Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake in Hollywood (2013).

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